First off, I am NOT an Eagle Scout and would probably die if I had to snare a squirrel and eat it!

So this is not a site for the hard core survivalist. Instead, I represent a growing number of “real people” who lack basic skills for primitive living, who have limited resources with which to “stockpile”, and who very likely do not have a husband/wife or “significant other” to take care of them or their children.

We do, however, have a growing sense of dread in anticipation of “The Event” (that’s what I call it, since nobody knows the exact nature of the crisis, or which one will come first), and we feel a REAL NEED TO DO SOMETHING TO PREPARE FOR “IT”. We just don’t know where to begin or HOW to do it.

So this blog is my humble attempt to assimilate and reconfigure all of the wonderful information out there, so that it is feasible and do-able for someone like me. I will be sharing some of the “golden nuggets” of wisdom I have discovered over the last two years, which are presently floating around in my head (and on my computer), along with links to incredible blogs, websites, and YouTube videos that I have discovered along my trek to prepping for “The Event”.

Please feel free to comment, make suggestions, and share your ideas with me. We are all “in this together”!

If you want to dive in straight – here is what a great friend of mine wrote recently about bug out bags  – take a look and let me know your thoughts!